Melisa Caprio | Testimonials

“Beautiful, sensitive photos of the children in therapy...each photo tells a story and more..."resonates" within and without...talent and soul is a great combo, and you've got it!"

-Dr. David Nathanson – Director of Dolphin Human Therapy


“Melisa Caprio was my partner at Pietra di Luna Gallery and Prints Studio from 1999 to 2001. She curated and helped install our photography exhibitions in addition to teaching photography. Melisa is extremely reliable and organized and it made working with her a very pleasurable experience. I have always been impressed with her as a person of high intelligence and quality. Melisa’s work as a photographer is outstanding. She is seriously devoted to photography, working out of an intense personal need. She searches intuitively and diligently for answers challenging problems on which to test her skills and understanding of the subject matter. Her photographs clearly she is a very creative artist and a superb technician. I have always felt she is a person with great integrity and morality.Melisa is a woman with clearly defined goals, great intelligence and motivation to achieve any goal."

-Fran Bitett Beck


“Melisa is an extraordinary person and so are her photos. She has the talent to see beyond any picture she is taking and therefore you will always get more than you expected. Working side by side with Melisa for so many years has been enrichment in my life. She has a great sense of humor, an approach to life that is touching and she is always willing to grow."

-Stefanie von Fallois, Psychologist



"Melisa captures the true essence of beauty with her photography. She is easy and fun to work with and a professional that gets the job done with panache! I would highly recommend her."

-Christina Collins – Director of Media and Public Relations – Dolphin Human Therapy


“I always knew you were talented. Now I know just how much you were holding back! Your photos are incredible! You have a good eye for capturing the "moment" in a photo. I've always loved your photographs. Terrific website! I'll keep coming back to see what's next. Congrats! “

-Christine Sposito – Dolphin Human Therapy


“Fantastic job, Melisa. It was a pleasure to work with you over the years, and you always knew how to capture the dolphins. Of course, they knew you well and didn't mind posing for you! Your professionalism and talent are unmatched, and I wish you the best of luck!"

-Rebecca Fox – Supervisor, Dolphin Trainer, Dolphins Cove.