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Raven McMinn(non-registered)
These photos are amazing! Each one triggered an emotional response that drew me in and left me wanting to see more. You are such a gifted artist! (and teacher)...and I, for one, am so glad you did not become a marine biologist! lol
Gina Rodriguez(non-registered)
You are incredibly talented, loved all your pictures, they made me smile.....
Melisa Caprio(non-registered)
You have an Amazing talent! The photos of you are so beautiful. You're extremely photogenic not to mention pretty hot as well. A job well done. Thank you for sharing. ~ Ducky Miller
Jonathen Carter(non-registered)
Very nice photographs
Michelle Parnofiello(non-registered)
I love your work! You are a truely gifted artist:)
Melisa Caprio
Your Best Fan!
Your Talent is a gift of love to everyone, through your eyes. My cup runnith over.....
Love, Mom
Melisa Caprio
I want you to make me look as good as one of the subjects in your photographs, you uber-talented stud!
~ Matthew Taylor
Melisa Caprio
Excellent work
Beautiful portraits. They speak by single himself. I like the composition, the lights, the looks, the gestures, everything.
From here, Buenos Aires (Argentina), I really congratulate to you.
~ Gustavo Cairo
Melisa Caprio
Your work is amazing...
Wow! Your photos are so beautiful. Congratulations on all those accomplishments.

- Stacey Graf
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