Gina Rodriguez(non-registered)
You are incredibly talented, loved all your pictures, they made me smile.....
Melisa Caprio(non-registered)
You have an Amazing talent! The photos of you are so beautiful. You're extremely photogenic not to mention pretty hot as well. A job well done. Thank you for sharing. ~ Ducky Miller
Jonathen Carter(non-registered)
Very nice photographs
Michelle Parnofiello(non-registered)
I love your work! You are a truely gifted artist:)
Melisa Caprio
Your Best Fan!
Your Talent is a gift of love to everyone, through your eyes. My cup runnith over.....
Love, Mom
Melisa Caprio
I want you to make me look as good as one of the subjects in your photographs, you uber-talented stud!
~ Matthew Taylor
Melisa Caprio
Excellent work
Beautiful portraits. They speak by single himself. I like the composition, the lights, the looks, the gestures, everything.
From here, Buenos Aires (Argentina), I really congratulate to you.
~ Gustavo Cairo
Melisa Caprio
Your work is amazing...
Wow! Your photos are so beautiful. Congratulations on all those accomplishments.

- Stacey Graf
Melisa Caprio
HI I follow you on Instagram and found your website. As expected I love your work even more now I can see bigger images than the ones on Instagram. Keep doing what you're doing love.
p.s Not only very talented but extremely beautiful as well.
~ Glenn John-Jules
Melisa Caprio
Hi Melisa, found you on FB. Love your work. We live so far from FL now (in NC) we had to find a photographer near to us for pictures of Aunt LeAnne's little nephew. Glad to see you are still working at what you love. When you have time, checkout Limelight Photography on FB. Take Care.
~ Lesley Ginglen
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